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Keep water moving

Please continue to keep water moving through your building during any periods of closure - remember Legionella bacteria can quickly establish in stagnant systems.

We can offer extensive flushing throughout any buildings which may be forced to close along with disinfection of water systems including water tanks and mains water systems 

We can offer deep cleaning to help reduce any bacterial contamination including, fogging areas throughout buildings. 

While controls in place may need to be adapted to changing circumstances, Dutyholders must still be able to demonstrate control of risk to a reasonably practicable level. 

If TVWS can help with any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us

01296 615838 or use our contact page.

If you have any essential work requirements (Deep cleaning in Care Homes etc) please do not hesitate to contact TVWS 

Remember please stay safe from all at TVWS

For further Health and Safety information and advice 

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